Point gel, destined to reduce skin lesions and acne-prone skin

Don't get unpleasant skin changes on your body and test
Tribactic Acne® on your own skin


Tribactic Acne® is an effective formula that will precisely overcome all skin imperfections

With Tribactic Acne®, the direct fight against skin imperfections will become precisely effective and easy!


Tribactic Acne® is a gel, adapted to point application. The applicator with the form of a roll-on, facilitates precise application, and consequently increases the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of operation


Blemishes or unsightly lumps can appear overnight and at the least expected moment.
In such cases, Tribactic Acne® will be perfect. You can use it anytime and anywhere: at home, at work, on the road, on vacation.
Perfect as a make-up base.


Tribactic Acne® is extremely efficient. You don't have to apply it to the entire face or cleavage.
Its point application impacts directly on the cutaneous lesion, using the necessary, not excessive amount of the product. You spare a healthy portion of your skin and run economically.

Advantages of Tribactic Acne®


It does not leave  pinguid vestige, thanks to fast absorption. Therefore, in can be used as a make-up base.



It focuses all its act power on a specific point

It has a new, improved formula: it contains aloe vera, spirit and salicylic acid. Thanks to this combination, it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


Aloe has a soothing, moisturizing effect and it does not make your skin dry.

It prevents the appearance of blackheads.


It accelerates the regeneration of damaged epidermis.


Its application is hygienic - you do not need to apply it with a finger or a cotton pad, but the ball applicator, which guarantees protection against contamination.


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