Salicylic spirit with the addition of aloe

It is an easily accessible, effective and inexpensive way to combat skin imperfections.


Skin changes - persistent problems of every age

Acne is a persistent problem, not only among the teenagers. It affects many men and women, regardless of age.



Although they are considered the "lesser evil", compared to acne, they may be more difficultto eliminate due to their nature and color. Vitana Acne® spirit can also cope with themperfectly.


Regular use of Vitana Acne® can protect against the appearance of unsightly skin changes inthe future.


Skin lesions are often accompanied by microorganisms, bacteria and fungi. Vitana Acne® spirit perfectly cleanses the skin, as well as it has a gentle and antibacterial effect.
Vitana Acne® is enriched with an extremely valuable ingredient - aloe, due to the presence ofsalicylic spirit, used for acne and eczema, which can lead to drying of sensitive, especiallyatopic skin. The action of this inconspicuous plant has already been appreciated by people living in antiquity, and modern research has only finally confirmed its features. It turns out that it perfectly soothes and gentles skin lesions, regardless of their genesis, and ithas anti-itching properties. Therefore, it works well for all types of imperfections, leaving the skin moisturized and supple. It has antitoxic properties, and the minerals, enzymes andvitamins, which are included in it, accelerate the regeneration of the epidermis. Incombination with salicylic alcohol, it creates a harmonious duo.

What about this aloe vera?

Spirytus Vitana Acne® spirit is very efficient. A few drops may turn out to be an invaluable andeffective rescue for the skin in need. Before we reach for fancy preparations, let's use a product that has been proven and effective for centuries.

Medicine and

Although medicine and cosmetology are developing and introducing new methods of treatingskin lesions, some of them will remain simple and effective forever. Salicylic alcohol is oneof the most valued and effective products for centuries. Its wide application has made it anindispensable element in every home or, even while traveling. Antibacterial and cleansing effect is ideal for everyday use.


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