Preparations created with your health in mind

Everyday we are working on new formulas, aimed at preventive healthcare, as well aseffective and quick struggle against the disease.


First aid drug for skin infections
Indispensable for cuts, scrapes and burns.


Compound medicine for colds
It impacts on all the symptoms of colds and flu.


To improve the condition of the intestines
To improve the condition of the intestines.


Disinfection liquid
Disinfection product intended for general use.

Tribactic acne®

Preparation for acne and reduction of skin lesions.
A modern and effective formula

Vitana acne®

Salicylic alcohol in a new version
It contains aloe vera juice with a soothing effect.

About us

Our experience allows us to effectively create solutions appreciated by our clients. Amongour preparations, you will find effective formulas that: regulate the work of the intestines, cleanse the skin, help with cuts or burns, and also work against colds or acne skin problems.

We are Polish pharmaceutical company, that has been operating on the market since 1994.Our most popular medicinal products are Tribiotic® and Grypolek® but our offer alsoincludes other preparations and services. Today, we are focused on research and developmentof the offer in order to provide unique solutions to patients, in accordance with our mission. You can find our preparations in pharmacies all over the country. We work with the largest pharmaceutical distributors in Poland, incl. Neuca S.A., PGF S.A., Farmacol S.A., Slawex.

Our team is a group of experts with many years of experience. Their motivation is to take care about health and the highest quality of offered preparations as well as provided services.


You can find our preparations in pharmacies
all over the country

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